Fall into fashion: Nolcha Fashion Week designer preview

The end of summer marks the beginning of  fall, fashion, and fashionistas  annual pilgrimage to NYC. Taylor (the newest Pink Dollhouse intern) and I got the chance to make a quick trip to the big apple to attend the AMP3 press day. We made our way from the nation’s capital to the city to find out the latest and hottest emerging lifestyle brands launching this fall we got to preview their holiday/spring lines, and as usual we were not disappointed.

As soon as the elevator doors opened on the 10th floor of the building, you could see nothing but fashion and talent. We were quickly escorted to into the main area where we previewed and spoke to the designers of new brands such as, Citizen Ciao, Bela Criacao, SNOWMAN New York, Cat Footwear, and NOMAD by Tess Johnson.

AMPR fashionable ladies in Black and White

AMPR fashionable ladies in Black and White

Our fist stop was SNOWMAN New York, an outerwear line for women that merges sophistication with an edge. They looked great on while actually providing warmth for those severely cold NY winters. I mean with this jacket I can actually look fabulous and put together while the temperature is below 32 degrees.

On the other corner of the room was NOMAD. At first glance I was so excited because first, I’ve never seen cuter backpacks, and second, their color combination was perfect.  We got to speak with the designer herself, Tess Johnson, who explained to us that these were no ordinary backpacks. The backpacks are multifunctional, equipped with different compartments and pouches so you could stay organized and comfortable while walking through the city. It even has a pocket on one of the straps so you could put your phone or metro card for easy access. I mean how many of us has struggled to find that metro card somewhere in our giant tote bag while we got very busy people waiting in line behind us? Definitely a must have!

AMPR Press event NOMAD backpacks

The other brand that caught our eye was Citizen Ciao. This is not your average surf-lifestyle brand; this is an urban-infused surf apparel and accessories brand that portrays “the new surf”. In other words, this brand takes your regular lifestyle brand to another level. The Pink Dollhouse team got a chance to speak with Roby, the designer, and he was hands down one of the most passionate people I’ve ever met. He walked Taylor and I through the entire collection and the concept behind it. So worth checking out.

Last but definitely not least was Bela Criacao, which is a contemporary Womenswear line that is inspired by South American culture but made in the US. Felicia, the designer, showed us a few of the pieces from the collection, which as soon as Taylor and I saw them we fell in love. Bela Criacao is full of gorgeous vivid colors and prints that are not only made for the average women but also for the curvy ones, like us. She had a variety of designs but one specially stuck in my head, a perfect yellow pencil skirt dress. Like Felicia said, after all in order to look sexy you don’t have to show too much skin.

AMPR Citizen Ciao

All these brands had one thing in common, passion. Every designer we spoke with was so passionate about what they did and what they believed their brand would achieve. It was truly inspiring. I’m sure good things will come to them and we’ll be hearing more from them soon.


Fashion is love,