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Fashion Recap: Bethesda Glow on the Row

Hola Fashionistas!

Since I can’t be everywhere at once (I’m working on a machine to let me do just that). I have fashionable eyes and ears on the scene to keep you up to date on everything fashionable in DC and NYC. Claudia, a correspondent  who has covered events for Pink Dollhouse before is back on the scene for Bethesda’s Glow on the Row. Check out her recap below!

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the row


Whether you’re just doing some window-shopping or you’re looking for something fab to wear on your next night out, there’s no question you’ll find it on the Bethesda Row in MD. This little place is packed with a variety of boutiques, restaurants, and of course our favorite, beauty shops. Bethesda Row is the must go place for all the beauty junkies willing to splurge a little on themselves. So you can imagine the excitement when they announced their “Glow on the Row” event that took place this past Saturday.

glow on the row lou lou earrings

Glow on the row jewelery


With nearly 20 in-store beauty events, discounts, giveaways, and gifts, it was almost impossible not shop around and get our fall/winter wardrobe ready and get in the mood for the holiday season. The first 100 shoppers received a beyond adorable cosmetic bag, perfect for your beauty essentials on the go. The event concluded with a party at Redwood Restaurant and Bar, hosted by the DC Newsbabes, a breast cancer charity featuring Washington’s top female news anchors from each network. It was inspiring to hear what these ladies do for our community in the fight to defeat breast cancer. Can’t wait to attend next year’s Glow on the Row!

Glow on the row chanel makeup


Glow on the Row insider,

Claudia Garcia


forever 21
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Forever 21’s growing pains

forever 21

Forever 21 has become the go to store for fast fashion on a budget, evolving from the store where nothing cost over 21 dollars to creating their own capsule collections (still taking “inspiration” from high-end brands). Despite having huge growth, opening stores that would rival even the biggest department store, Forever 21 has come to a creative crossroad. Their brand is synonymous with inexpensive style, yet with stores like H&M, TopShop, and Zara generating millions in sales for creating high-end style on a budget, the market is quickly becoming crowded. So what is the solution? If you haven’t noticed Forever 21 has taken note from the success of their competitors creating Marvel and Disney inspired collections, since no designer wants to collaborate with them (considering the numerous lawsuits for copyright infringement). However monetarily has not met the same level of success.

The next solution, up their price point, Forever 21 has managed to slowly creep up their prices while keeping you the customer almost oblivious to these changes. I’m the first one to stand on a platform and support the notion of quality over quantity, yet when you’re not getting quality and paying more it’s not worth the money. Final solution, change your marketing strategy in an attempt to understand your demographic. Before the mega retailer only carried Forever 21 geared towards the younger market. Then various lines under the Forever 21 umbrella were created from Men’s, Forever 21 Plus, and Love 21 for the young professional. With all of these lines the store is still trying to figure out their niche in the fashion world, and who their customer is. So who is Forever 21? Are they a department store, a specialty store, knock off H&M? It seems like they don’t really know either. Taking note from their name 21, it still seems like the young retailer has a lot of growing up to do.


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Lucky Fabb the bloggers emerald city

paige denim
Remember in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy first arrived and saw the Emerald City? The look of awe and admiration for a place that represented beauty and glamour…a place that seemed unattainable to the masses and only allowed a select few inside of its magical walls. Last week I met my own Emerald City when I had the privilege of attending the Lucky Fabb Bloggers Conference in New York. The annual conference is usually held during NYFW, this year the conference was held in October, lucky for me since I couldn’t attend NYFW this season. I will never forget the first time I applied to be part of the conference; I had just started my blog and didn’t know who I was as a blogger. My application wasn’t accepted, the second time I missed the deadline…needless to say third time’s a charm. Arriving at the New York Times building for the first day of the conference it was a surreal moment getting my badge and itinerary, being amongst people who shared a similar love for blogging and of course, fashion.
shoe game
From L to R Ana in Style, Pink Dollhouse, Fiesty House
I was surprised to run into a few of my DC blogging buddies Ana of Ana in Style (which a shriek feast ensued at the sight of one another), VIvi of Heart Print and Style, and Krystal Knight of The Fiesty House (now newly engaged New Yorker). There was so much to do between seminars, Charming Charlie, one of the sponsors gave bloggers an almost unlimited choice of free jewelry….I visited the booth four times (no shame) and Nintendo let bloggers try out the new Mario 3D game while enjoying complimentary Mario inspired manicure (most fun I have ever had). Day one closed out with a fashionable cocktail party inside the NY Times building, with bloggers enjoying complimentary bites and drinks.

charming charlie

Its all mine! Thanks Charming Charlie :)

For the final day I had the privilege of visiting the wizard herself..the Conde Nast building. If anyone in fashion is familiar, the Conde Nast building is home to all the famous publications from Vogue to of course Lucky Magazine…and the colt worthy Devil Wears Prada. Myself, along with every blogger there took pictures in front of the building wanting to capture this fleeting moment, a place, if any other day, we would not be able to enter. Unlike Dorothy I didn’t want to click my heels and return to reality, for me having a moment to live this part of my dream was surreal…and will be something I will always remember.

conde nast

Having a moment in front of the Conde Nast building


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Peppy Nine west
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Stylish shoes you will covet

One item every woman loves…..are SHOES. No matter what any one says you can never have enough pairs. Which is why oh fashionable ones I have created my top five shoe picks of stylish (and surprisingly affordable) shoes for fall. There is no reason why that adorable new blazer you purchased should go without a friend.


Nine West “Peppy” : Price 99.00

Peppy Nine west

Can you say LOVE? This cobalt blue shoe combines two of the hottest retro trends this season the ankle strap and the “lady” heel height. The style gets a major update with this gorgeous color, cobalt fashion lovers can now be worn all year don’t shy away from this head turner!


Restricted “Goody” Flat :44.95

restricted goody flat


I love these shoes…for one reason they give me Michael Jackson Billy Jean inspiration, and two I HAVE THESE!! The shoes are carried at DSW, meaning that not only will you get a great price but perhaps purchase a few more with all the savings. The black and white trend has been gracing the pages of all the major magazines as a classic return for fall style. You can dressed up or dress down these oxfords meets ballet flats…just be prepared to tell everyone where you got those shoes.


BCBG Trill Booties : 250.00

BCBG Trill booties

BCBG is definitely bringing sexy back with these black snakeskin style cutout booties, the conversation starting shoes can be styled for the office then transformed for a girls night out. A little higher end in price, the BCBG booties are an investment piece that will carry you from season to season.


Steven Madden “Vamp”: 89.95

Steven Madden

I love leopard…like really. There is a difference between fashion leopard and looking like an exhibit in a zoo…The Steve Madden “Vamp” flat will have you looking high fashion cool while still being comfortable. These suede flats can add a punch of style to any outfit, just remember friends don’t let friends wear leopard on leopard.


Aldo “Miola” Riding Boot: Price 120.00

aldo boots


A necessity for fall..especially during winter, a great pair of riding boots are a fashionistas best friend. I love the warm camel color of these Aldo boots, and the gold hardware that gives it a western edge. Riding boots can take summer apparel and make it fall appropriate, especially if you add a great pair of tights or textured tall socks (another trend). Boots should always be an investment, so don’t skimp on the price because you will notice the difference.



Have any shoe picks you covet that I missed? Leave a comment tweet me @pinkdollstyle or instagram me @pinkdollhousestyle


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pamela gonzales 2
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Fashion recap: Pamela Gonzales Spring 2014 Collection

Editors Note:

I was unable to attend fashion week this year due to my new (and pretty cool job) so I wouldn’t miss out on all the fashionable festivities I sent Claudia Garcia on my behalf. She currently works as an intern at Facón Magazine here in D.C. and is a talented writer. Thank you Claudia for working with me!

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Two weeks ago, thanks to my dear Yvonne, I got the privilege to go to New York during one of the most anticipated weeks for fashion lovers, Fashion Week attending the Pamela Gonzales’ fashion show. Her small yet anticipated presentation took place in her boutique/showroom in Soho located at West Broadway St. Pamela Gonzales is a young Peruvian designer that made her international debut in Nolcha Fashion Week last September. She is known for her detailed handwork, giving each piece a one of a kind feeling, rich textures and high quality fabrics used in her designs.

pamela gonzales 1

Once I arrived to the boutique in Soho, there was nothing but fashion lovers, bloggers, buyers, and the media. Around the room were several garments of her past collection that everyone got the chance to check out and see the detailed work put into them. To make the atmosphere even better there was a great selection of catering, ranging from grilled shrimp to chicken pate, which I’m sure any foodie would have loved to cover.

pamela gonzales 3

The show began a few hours after the doors of the boutique were opened. Eight models went through the showroom displaying the Spring 2014 Collection. The palette Gonzales used for the upcoming season were a mix of earthy tones with touches of metallic and highly saturated, vibrant colors. Every single piece was a must have! Even though the designs for the new collection were way different from the one she had displaying throughout the room, the theme stayed true to what Pamela Gonzales is, edgy yet delicate and sophisticated. Can’t wait to see what she’ll come up with next season.

pamela gonzales 2


Fashion Week Insider,


Claudia Garcia




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Dior 999
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Blogger in the City: Neiman Marcus Beauty and the Blogger Event

Beauty and fashion are two things this blogger can’t live without, working for The Makeup Girl I have discovered a world of products that have become essential to my beauty wardrobe. As a blogger I love discovering and trying out products so I can pass on the fabulous information to you! I was super excited to receive an invitation to Neiman Marcus Beauty and the Blogger event giving insiders a sneak peak of the fall beauty collections. For the event I decided to go for an understated cool and of course affordable outfit from H&M a cobalt blue blazer (20.00), black ankle length harem pant (18.00), black and white striped shirt (15.00). To pair off the look I decided on a black patent leather pointed flat from Nine West (79.00) and my CHANEL bag (free!!).

Arriving at the event each blogger was given a list of beauty brands to visit, there were so many to choose from I decided to make a list of my favorite products and share them with you. It was such hard work narrowing it down….I know I know you can thank me later.


Dior: Perfect Red Rouge Dior Lipstick

Dior 999


I J’adore Dior one of my favorite beauty brands (and dream addition to my closet), Dior was the first high end lipstick I purchased. This fall they have updated their famous Rouge Dior lipstick adding a hydration element that moisturizes and provides a long lasting finish.  The Perfect Red is an update on Hollywood glam providing a vibrancy and classic beauty to the wearer.

Bobbi Brown: Smokey Eye Mascara

Bobbi Brown

Not one to wear a lot of makeup, I depend on my mascara to elevate my look and make my eyes pop. I love Bobbi Browns Smokey Eye Mascara, the no clump formula makes for an easy application while the rich black color intensifies eyes providing length and drama.

Deborah Lipmann: Jewel Heist Collection

Deborah Lipmann Rolling in the deep deborah lipmann fake it till you make it (right)Deborah Lipmann fake it till you make it

The cool and creatively named fall nail collection will have you “laughing all the way to the bank” while updating your fall manicure. My favorite colors from the high end nail lacquer: rolling in the deep, fake it till you make it, and glitter and be gay. Bonus news! The nail polish guru has created a gel manicure line that doesn’t strip your nail beds and provides long lasting wear.

Chanel: Le Lift Anti Wrinkle

Chanel Anti wrinkle

I know what you’re thinking…I’m young what do I need with that?! Well they say prevention starts young, I have been using anti-aging creams since I turned twenty-one and one thing I learned from my days at Bloomies is taking care of your skin is the secret to the fountain of youth. Chanel’s Le Lift firms and moisturizes while working under the skin to reverse signs of aging. In order to be effective you have to follow a beauty regime and thoroughly cleanse your skin. Chanel has mastered the art of beauty and skin care with Le Lift.

Sisley: Eye and Lip makeup remover


There is nothing worse than going to sleep with your makeup still on…I have done it, really we all have. Yet leaving your makeup on ages the skin by 6 days….that can really add up. Think about it leaving your makeup on once a week for a year ages the skin 312 days. With long lasting products and all day wear makeup, it has become tougher to take off and can be harsh on the skin. Sisley Eye and Lip makeup remover can take off your makeup with only a few swipes, while still being gentle on the skin. This is especially important with skin dense areas like your eyes…which are the first to show signs of aging. I’m going to warn you this line is VERY high end and costly, however the products are effective and nothing short of amazing….Sisley is the Hermes of beauty.

Estee Lauder: Re-Nutriv


Your eyes are the windows to your soul…and your youth. Women sometimes forget that moisturizing doesn’t just stop at your face; the eyes need special attention and their own crème. Estee Lauder’s Re-Nurtiv eye cream provides the moisture and attention your eyes need while renovating your skin over time. It’s important to remember to use an eye cream for the day and also for night, as your skin has different needs. Estee Lauder carries a full line of skin protection as well as separate creams.


Thank you so much to Neiman Marcus for inviting me to the event! Make sure to go visit your favorite beauty counter at the Neiman Marcus Chevy Chase location for a personal consultation.


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(samples were provided by the beauty counters of Neiman Marcus, Pink Dollhouse reviews each product, product samples do not guarantee a review)

Hellow Hydration Body Wash
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Products we love: Herbal Essence Body Wash

Hellow Hydration Body Wash


Herbal Essence Hello Hydration

Herbal Essence is known for making shampoo scents that have you screaming out “YES! YES!” With their new body wash line the captivating scents of Herbal Essence is taken to a whole new level. I was sent samples of Hello Hydra and Happy Go Lather to review by the lovely people at Herbal Essence, along with a Walmart gift card (now that’s a perk!).

Happy go lather body wash

Herbal Essence Happy Go Lather

Hello Hydra relaxing coconut scent fills your shower taking you to a secluded oasis without drying out your skin (total bonus). Happy Go Lather makes you stop and smell the roses, the light floral scent slowly builds as you lather transferring you to a field of flowers….while still in the shower. With these new products on the market Herbal Essence is on the way to “ban boring body wash” and making taking a shower a vacation that doesn’t require a passport.


In love and fabulosity,





(I was given a free product or sample because I am a Klout influencer. I am under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company)


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Style Spotlight: Love Cortnie Handbags Cortnie Hutchinson

I love it when fellow bloggers expand their brand by branching into other realms of the fashion industry. Bloggers in the D.C. fashion scene have not limited themselves to covering events, but are now building their own mini empires in media, event planning, and of course fashion. Recently I had the opportunity to interview popular D.C. handbag designer Cortnie Hutchinson of Love Cortnie, in the past two years her brand has grown from a hobby to her full time occupation. Cortnie stops by the Dollhouse to dish about fashion, style, and what sets Love Cortnie apart.


Cortnie Hutchinson of Love Cortnie Handbags

Pink Dollhouse: Tell me when did you first fall in love with fashion?

Love Cortnie: I’ve always loved and enjoyed fashion for as long as I can remember. It’s definitely in my blood. My grandmother used to make clothes for me and my sister and anyone else who asked when I was younger. I remember watching her sew. She also used to model in fashion shows. So I’ve been around fashion-loving people all of my life. It just happens that she is also the one who taught me how to sew. I learned how to make my first clutch with her.

 Pink Dollhouse: I remember when I first saw you selling your Love Cortnie bags at events, and here you are a few short years later doing what you love full time. Did you ever imagine Love Cortnie would have achieved great success so early? 

Love Cortnie: Never! It will be 2 years in a couple of weeks since I learned to sew and opened my Etsy shop. It’s just not something I dreamed of doing. Not until it actually happened. It has been a lot of work to get this far, but I’m determined to do even better.

 Pink Dollhouse: Every fashion line begins with a source of inspiration for Coco Chanel it was with a hat, Michael Kors a wedding dress, what inspired you to start Love Cortnie?

Love Cortnie: What inspired me was the idea of a clutch that I had, but could never find. Two years ago, clutches weren’t such a major accessory like they are now. I’ve always loved oversized bags since I apparently need to be able to carry tons of stuff at once. I would look for a large clutch that was fun and unique, but could never locate one. So I took it upon myself to make one. I made a couple just for fun and mentioned it on my blog, but then people liked them and were really interested in seeing more. My blog audience had a lot to do with me moving forward and actually creating a line of clutches.

 Pink Dollhouse: Do you outsource your handbags or make them locally?

Love Cortnie: Every clutch that I have ever sold has been made by hand by me.  

Love Cortnie Leopard Print Clutch

Love Cortnie Leopard Print Clutch

 Pink Dollhouse: The DC fashion scene has really grown in recent years, what do you love the most being an up and coming handbag designer?

Love Cortnie: There is so much opportunity for growth. It’s pretty amazing to be able to go somewhere and see someone carrying one of your bags. Such a crazy feeling.

 Pink Dollhouse: Why did you choose to create your handbag business here and not in fashion mecca cities like New York or Los Angeles?

Love Cortnie: I mean, why not? Thanks to the internet, it made it possible to sell products from anywhere! 

Pink Dollhouse: Why a handbag line and not a clothing or jewelry line?

Love Cortnie: I kind of touched on this in another question, but it just happened that way. I had always wanted to learn how to sew and really wanted my grandmother to be the one to teach me. While in between jobs I found myself with extra time and finally learned. I mentioned that it would be fun to make a clutch and she was more than excited to teach me how. Long story short, Love,Cortnie was born right in my grandmother’s kitchen. But at the time I hadn’t even known yet. I learned how to sew and a week later opened my Etsy shop.

 Pink Dollhouse: Every fashion lover has their top favorite designers for me it would be Chanel, DVF, and Micheal Kors..clean lines with just enough to make a statement. What designers are your favorite when representing your personal style and the style of your Love Cortnie line?

Love Cortnie: I’m not sure that I have a favorite. There are way too many designers to choose from. I do admire Jil Sander and how her collections play with volume and shapes. I also like Rebecca Minkoff for her flirty styles, but in terms of representing my style? Tough call.

Pink Dollhouse: If you don’t mind sharing with readers what do you see for Love Cortnie in the next three years?

Love Cortnie: In the next 3 years I would love to see my brand being sold in major stores around the country!

 Pink Dollhouse: Finally what are three words to describe Cortnie?

Love Cortnie: Determined, excited and anxious!

 Love Cortnie Fringe Clutch

Love Cortnie Black and White Fringe Clutch

Want to learn more about Love Cortnie? Shop the online store  Love Cortnie or check out her blog Style Lust Pages. Love social media? She is there too! Tweet@stylelustpages  Facebook Love Cortnie  Instagram Cortnie Elizabeth or You Tube Love Cortnie Closeup . The girl is connected


In love and fabulosity,



curbside fashion truck
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Fashion on wheels comes to D.C. with Curbside Fashion Truck

Food trucks have taken over the nation’s capital, the convenient restaurant on wheels is perfect for the busy professional looking for a quick bite. Now during their lunch break D.C. has access to great food on the go and fashion? Yes, you read it right, fashion. Fashion trucks which first gained popularity in California and New York City have now found a new home in the political fashion capital. On last weekend I attended the posh launch of the Glamourholics Curbside Fashion Truck held at Panache Restaurant in Farragut North corridor. I decided for the launch to wear a Marc by Marc Jacobs  pre fall color army green (30.00), H&M thin black with gold hardware turn lock belt (7.95) and gold lip necklace (9.95).

me and franky

Me and Franky J of Skinny Girls like to Eat Too

Upon entering I was greeted by a waitress carrying Skinny Girl infused cocktail, never having tried the low-calorie liquor I was pleasantly surprised of how tasty they were and made a note to purchase the brand next time I have a taste for a beverage. The fab ambiance was only added to by beauty maven I am too Sassy, who for the event offered complimentary eyebrow waxes and lash application. Let me tell you…this woman snatched my eyebrows together during an (almost) painless procedure. The evening was topped off with the official unveiling of the highly anticipated Curbside Fashion Truck. 

I am too sassy

Lash selections from I am Too Sassy beauty bar

curbside fashion truck

The fab pink Curbside Fashion Truck!

A pink truck that is not easy to miss, the interior felt more boutique than truck. I loved the selection of fashions not seen in the Washington D.C. area. Of course this fashionista loves to shop on a budget, with affordable prices ranging between 20-70 dollars the fashion on wheels truck definitely stays on budget. Curbside Fashion Truck definitely gets this blogger stamp of approval; I can’t wait to see it rolling in style around D.C. Make sure to follow Curbside Fashion Truck on Twitter @CurbsideFashTRK for the latest updates and when they are in your area!

Curbside fashion truck inside

A sneak peek of the selections offered..visit the truck to see more!


In love and fabulosity,


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fox dc

Guess who won a Chanel bag from “The Real” ?

fox dc

As a fashion lover and blogger there are certain items I always have dreamed of having, the number one item on the list…..a Chanel handbag. Of course right now that wish was a little farfetched…one I didn’t have 2,800-5,000 dollars lying around, and if I did I would use it to pay Sallie Mae (side eye). Yet I always wanted one, and would find myself face pressed against the Chanel store window wishing and hoping for the day I walked out with one of the most coveted pieces in fashion. On last Friday my dream FINALLY came true. A couple of weeks ago I was tuned in to one of my favorite daytime TV shows “The Real”, when they announced their weekly Gab Bag giveaway of a designer bag. Since the shows launch in mid-July the host have given away fabulous bags from YSL, Gucci, and that day CHANEL. It was perfection in a purse, classic black caviar leather and quilting with the embossed CC’s on the front and silver chain handle. I never entered to win anything that big before, so I decided to try my luck and entered to win tweeting first then posting on the website.


To my surprise a couple of weeks later I received a call from Adrienne Bailon notifying me that I was the winner of the CHANEL!!! Of course my reaction was a high-pitched scream yell that the neighbors could probably hear…but really who cared! The news got even better when I was notified by FOX 5 DC to be on the morning news that Friday. Freak out session, the news? I was just getting over the fact I won a bag that was more than the net worth of anything I owned, but the news…and in the morning? Which means EVERYONE would see me. Friday came…but there was a slight problem…I was completely exhausted from the amazing Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z concert the night before where it RAINED practically the whole time we were outside.

chanel bag

So needless to say I had to pull it together and tame my naturally curly hair, which is not easy especially with humidity and rain, is involved. I decided to wear a simple but still statement making blue and pink wrap dress by Maggy London purchased from Nordstrom Rack (love the RACK!), gold double strand chain necklace from Forever 21, and fuchsia pink suede kitten heels from Aldo.Despite a little nervousness I have to say I LOVED my time on the air, the people at FOX 5 DC made me feel super comfortable on air and I got to sit at the anchor desk while I talked to Tamara from “The Real” and of course claim my beyond FABULOUS CHANEL bag. Thank you so much to the ladies of “The Real” and FOX 5 DC that was a day I certainly will never forget!!

Check out my mini TV debut by clicking here, if you don’t see it scroll down to Gab Bag giveaway



In love and fabulosity,



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